From Classroom to Clinic: A Vet Student's Summer at L&L in Kirkland

From Classroom to Clinic: A Vet Student's Summer at L&L in Kirkland

Hey everyone!

Summer in Kirkland has brought us a cool story to share!

Our team had a sharp vet student join us, adding a new twist to our bustling spot.

Now, let's hear directly from the veterinary student herself about her transformative summer experience at L&L Animal Urgent Care:

“I am a veterinary student entering my third year at Washington State University this fall. I am from Seattle and enjoy our summers too much to stay in Pullman for summer break.

I met Dr. Stoegbauer when she was working relief at a clinic I formally worked at. When I heard she was opening an urgent care, I was immediately interested in learning more.

Having worked in general practice through the pandemic, I knew how helpful the urgent care model could be. Being told you must wait a week to get your sick animal seen or go to an emergency facility is hard on owners and veterinary staff.

The fast pace at L and L made my summer rarely boring. It was awesome to see such a high caseload and case variety. Dr. Pierce and Dr. Stoegbauer were always willing to make each case a learning opportunity for me.

They were ready to answer my questions, walk me through their thought process, and quiz my knowledge. Seeing some of the conditions I have studied in a clinical context allows me to have a more in-depth understanding of physiology and medicine. It also helps to remember each condition as I can match symptoms to an actual patient and not just a list I remembered for an exam.  

Being a part of the L and L team was also a highlight. Dr. Stoegbauer and Sydney have found a fantastic group of technicians, assistants, and support staff. Everyone is working together to ensure all the patients receive the highest level of care. I learned so much from all the staff. I improved my animal handling techniques, client communication, and clinical skills.

Beyond medical knowledge and clinical skills, my time at L and L gave me experience in having hard conversations with clients. Unfortunately, in urgent care cases, we can see very sick animals.

Discussions around euthanasia and the financial constraints of treatment are not uncommon. Learning how to navigate some of these challenges while still being a clear communicator and expressing empathy is challenging. Honing these skills before I graduate will be hugely beneficial to my career.

In conclusion, I am so grateful for my summer at L and L. Being a part of such a great team and working beside knowledgeable doctors made for a well-spent summer. As I head back to school, I can look back on my summer and know this experience will help me be well-prepared to launch my veterinary career. “

As summer winds down, we're looking back on the moments that made L&L special. To our vet student, thanks for rolling up your sleeves with us. Take your experiences to Washington State University! Just as we love wagging tails and purrs, your time here holds a special place.

L&L is here, always a place of healing and learning. Cheers to your future as a vet making waves one paw at a time. Keep that curiosity and compassion!

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