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Through Covid and the unprecedented increase in pet ownership, emergency hospitals were overwhelmed with unstable and critically ill pets, leaving many sick or injured pets and their owners without options, when their regular veterinarians were fully booked.  Frustrated by the gap in the system and experiencing the negative impact this has on pets, their owners, and veterinary staff, Dr. Stoegbauer was compelled to open her own animal urgent care hospital. A trusted place where pet owners could bring their animals for quality care and urgently needed attention, without waiting days for an appointment.
L & L Animal Urgent Care, named for Dr. Stoegbauer’s two dogs, Lady (her rescued Greyhound) and Loki (her rescued Samoyed), has since become a reality. Dr. Stoegbauer has devoted her energy to creating a facility that would meet the needs of both animals and their owners. The hospital has been built from the ground up with state-of-the-art technology. A female owned business, staffed with a team of highly trained and compassionate veterinary professionals. Dr. Stoegbauer and her team are excited to begin the journey of “helping pets and supporting vets” in the greater Seattle Eastside area.

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Our Why

L+L Animal Urgent Care was founded by Dr. Stephanie Stoegbauer to help your pets and support local Vets.

Our Vision

L&L Animal Urgent Care envisions a world where the owners of sick or painful pets can access urgently needed veterinary care, the same day or sooner. A trusted extension of Pet owner's regular Veterinarian, bridging the gap between General Practice and Emergency.

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