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Dr. Stoegbauer, DVM

Founder and owner Stephanie Rawlinson aka Dr. Stephanie Stoegbauer, DVM is an highly qualified doctor with 15 years of experience practicing in both emergency medicine and general practice. Over the past decade, Dr. Stoegbauer has successfully founded and built her own veterinary consulting relief business (Stephanie Stoegbauer, DVM PLLC). During this time, Dr Stoegbauer has provided consultancy and relief services to over 25 general practice hospitals in the greater Seattle area and is known as a reputable practitioner with an extensive knowledge base of high-quality medicine.

These hospitals have trusted Dr Stoegbauer time and again to work closely with their clients and patients and have them follow up with her on a regular basis. Dr. Stoegbauer has been working with and referring to the local emergency and specialty hospitals in Seattle and is viewed as a trusted and reliable referral partner for patients that are not emergent.

Dr. Stoegbauer and her team are trusted and relied upon to solve the most complex urgent care challenges. She is especially passionate about pain management in acute or chronic situations, faced by elderly pets and managing allergic skin and ear conditions. L and L Animal Urgent Care, named for Dr. Stoegbauer’s two dogs, Lady (her rescued Greyhound) and Loki (her rescued Samoyed).

Dr. Stoegbauer has devoted her energy to creating a facility that would meet the needs of both animals and their owners. The hospital has been built from the ground up with state-of-the-art technology, including an in-house lab for timely results, x-ray machine, and anesthesia/sedation capabilities for injured pets. L and L Animal Urgent Care is a female-owned business and is staffed with a team of highly trained and compassionate veterinary professionals, including Dr. Stoegbauer herself. Opening in March of 2023, Dr. Stoegbauer and her team are excited to begin the journey of “helping pets and supporting vets” in the greater Seattle area.